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Cannabis - A new treatment option for psoriasis?

Cannabis  - A new treatment option for psoriasis?

Psoriasis isn’t curable, it’s hard to control and for the 125 million people worldwide that suffer from the chronic autoimmune disorder, treatment options are often aren’t effective.

At the same time, there’s mounting evidence that cannabis may be effective in treating multiple health and wellness issues - from generalized conditions like stress, pain and nausea to diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. But what about Psoriasis, the rapid build up of skin cells resulting in red scaly patches, or plaques?

Some studies have shown that cannabis may be useful in slowing the rapid growth of keratinocytes, the immature skin cells found in people with psoriasis. CBD has also been shown to be helpful in helping pain, fatigue, stress and sleeplessness, other conditions known to go hand in hand with psoriasis.

Relieva, an anti-inflammatory antibacterial cream uses enriched alkaloids to provide immediate relief for problems associated with almost all skin conditions, including psoriasis. Clinically tested on more than 500 patients, Relieva showed a superior side effect profile and lasting effects with repeated application.

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