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Relieva - The Story Behind the Extract

Relieva - The Story Behind the Extract

I have been intrigued by Relieva since it was introduced to me in 2013. Psoriasis is prevalent in my family and I suffer from this disease as well. I have also owned a skin care company since 2004, so the prospect of a natural product working was very appealing to me. 

I have to admit that I was very skeptical but the literature seemed to support all of the claims and a lot of research dollars had been spent on trials, toxicity testing and market development. So why was this product  not on the market?

Unfortunately the inventor of the product passed away and I began the task of trying to replicate the extract. I got in contact with a harvester of Oregon Grape in order to get fresh supply of the raw material. Then I purchased some equipment and tried to product some extract in my garage. I was successful, at least I thought so, but when I sent the product to a lab for it to be tested, it was apparent that a testing procedure needed to be developed. As well, the amount of extract that I got was not very much so it was back to the drawing board.

In my literature research, I came across an article on CO2 extraction research being done at a Canadian College in Belleville, ON. I met with the research leader and over the summer of 2016, we completed a research project on both extraction and testing procedures. We were successful in producing the desired extract along with the testing on a bench scale but the yields that we received were very low. 

I contacted a group to try and produce the extract using CO2 extraction on a commercial scale but it quickly became apparent that this was not economically feasible. 

The project was put on hold. 

Then I had what I call one of those 'By the way moments'. While working on another project I was introduced to a group who had some extraction technology which I was unfamiliar with. During our discussions I started asking about the Relieva extract. One thing leads to the next and we decide to do a trial. The results are outstanding., we have a viable commercial solution with a stable, tested extract which meets or exceeds all of the product specifications. 

After 5 years of work (time flies) we are now able to offer Relieva to our clients as a true natural alternative to help people with their Psoriasis Conditions

I will share with you in my next blog, my personal experience using Relieva. 


Michael Arnkvarn


The CinG-X Corporation