Natural Solutions

Combining modern science with all-natural ingredients.

Plant-Based Power

Using herbal extracts to improve overall health.

Patented Formulas

Meticulous testing leading to innovative solutions.

Award-Winning Research

Clinical trials and product development to ensure the perfect products.

Long-Term Prevention

CinG-X™ is the patented mixture of ingredients found in cinnamon and ginseng for long-term prevention of Alzheimer's, Dementia and Type 3 Diabetes.

Optimal Skin Care

Relieva™ is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial cream that uses enriched alkaloids to provide immediate relief for problems associated with almost all skin conditions. 

Maximize Fertility

FertaMax™ is the innovative, all-natural supplement of vitamins and minerals to improve hormonal levels and ovality in women and overall sperm health in men.

Introducing Reliéva™

The ulitimate skin care solution.

Reliéva™ Therapeutic Lotion
  • All-In-One

    Treats almost all skin conditions from minor problems to psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. 

  • Herbal Remedy

    Our patented extraction process increases the concentration of beneficial alkaloids by 75 times. 

  • Immediate Relief

    Provides instant alleviation from itching, irritation and inflammation associated with skin conditions.

  • Tested and Approved

    Clinically tested on more than 500 patients, Reliéva™ displays a superior side effect profile and lasts with repeated applications.